I Have the Coolest Daughter EVER!!!

I know I’ve already written about the Girl.  Suck it up.  She’s friggin’ cool and I can’t wait to write about this newest adventure in Cool-Daughter-Land.

Now, if you haven’t figured it out, I’m not exactly prissy.  My form of make-up is Chap-Stik and deodorant.  You know it’s a pretty special day if I wear tinted Burt’s Bees lip balm.

My daughter, though, is completely opposite.  She loves cosmetics, can’t wait until the point when she will be able to wear the silly stuff.  And I understand that she isn’t me which makes me happy that she takes the cookie cutter mold people keep trying to shove her in and smashes it with the power of her own stubbornly beautiful identity.  Frankly, sometimes, I wish I was more like her and less like my wishy-washy self.


The Girl and me modeling matching pearl necklaces (you can’t see hers), mascara, and tinted lip balm.

So, the Girl’s school is going to have a Medieval Day celebration during which the students are allowed/expected to dress up in period style costumes.  This means that nothing will be historically accurate and Monty Python would have a field day if they knew the American-elementary-school version of Medieval England.  But, I don’t think that my daughter’s school would be a good place for the Knights-Who-Say-Nee to show up and fling a cow.  Of course, I might get a hoot out of it until the cow splats on the sidewalk in the parking lot (and possibly squishes someone’s mini-van).  I’d feel sorry for the cow….Do you think they’d spare the cow if I offered them a shrubbery?

All right…so the Girl and I were talking about Medieval Day and she told me she wanted to  be a knight.  After I put my jaw back on my face and off the floor where it had been residing, I managed to get out the simple question, “Why?”


Her Royal Girlness riding upon Her Royal Steed at Disney World just before she met the Disney Princess and showed them what a real princess looks like.

Basically, my daughter who has grown up loving and worshipping Disney Princesses (another thing I haven’t fought…maybe even encouraged because my Girl is just so friggin’ cute) didn’t want to be like all the other girls who were going to come to school as princesses and queens.  In the end, my daughter wanted to be different from everyone else and thought being a knight would secure her ability to be a non-conformist.


Princess Girl


And then she took it to the next level of awesomeness….

In her eyes, the princesses and queens really didn’t have any power.  And then she talked about how they just needed to be saved all the time.  Or something like this.  I can’t remember exactly.

I don’t care.

The Girl doesn’t want to be saved.  She wants to be on her own and hold her own ground and take care of herself.


Of course, we kind of ran into a problem when she asked if she could borrow my morning-star as a prop for school.  Given that it’s three spiked balls attached to chains and are fully functional as being a weapon, I didn’t think it was in the Girl’s best interest to use this as a prop.  We talked, though about armor versus chain  mail.  She thought chain mail would be cool, especially if it looked like the mithril shirt from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.  Yeah, I’ve raised a nerd.  And I’m proud of it.

Well, the other day, the Cool-Girl got a little Cooler.  I told my husband/her father about her desire to be a knight for Medieval Day and he asked her about her decisions and thought patterns.  She talked about the chain mail shirt and we talked about how to design it.  Then, I mentioned how she could be a highwayman and explained that it was similar to Robin Hood.  She liked that.

And then she said she wanted to be a pirate.

Well, naturally, my husband thought of people like Pirates of the Caribbean.  But I remembered someone even better….

Granya O’Malley, the Irish Pirate Queen.

Guess who my daughter is going to be for Medieval Day.  Now, in all honesty, Granya O’Malley lived during the reign of Queen Elizabeth which is technically during the beginning of the British Renaissance.  However, the British were at the tail end of the European Renaissance (come on Protestant Reformation, King Henry VIII, British Channel…work with me here).  Well, my husband immediately countered that she would have been in the Caribbean.  And that’s when I had the joy of explaining how Granya O’Malley was a guardian of the Irish coast and worked/fought to keep Queen Elizabeth and the British out of Ireland.  On top of that, if the books I read were accurate, O’Malley offered to help Queen Elizabeth keep the French and Spanish out of England.

Yeah…that’s who my daughter wants to be.

A woman who fought a queen and worked to keep her island/country free.  A woman who offered to fight against some of the best navies of her time. A woman who was, I believe, considered the equal to people like Sir Francis Drake.

Yeah, that’s my daughter.  She chose a woman who wouldn’t be anyone’s property but instead defined herself and chose to live life by her own definition.  And stood up to others who were doing the same.

The Girl is like me. She doesn’t fit all the time.  But I am proud that she doesn’t seek to fit into any mold that has been created by society.  Instead, she is her own self, her own mold, and molds society to fit her.

Damn, I’m proud.

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