“I’m Working!” (I Really Am!)il,

It’s a snow-day, as I predicted (Thank God!) and I’m working.  I really am.  But this has been a constant test of endurance because no matter how hard I work and tell myself that I really am going to focus, I am staring off into the distance and am completely off-task.

This is not an ADD post.  This has nothing to do with ADD.  I merely can’t concentrate for more than a couple of minutes and I’m horribly behind on papers which I’m trying to reconcile.  I’ve gone through several folders of grades.  Read at least seven or so papers (nothing but a drop in my 130+), posted grades, emailed students and parents.

But I can’t seem to focus.  So I’m writing. Why?  Because maybe this will get me to focus because nothing else is working.  I’m getting so desperate, I’m thinking about turning on a Barbie movie because those will numb my brain and usually inspire me to get through essays and papers and grades oh my!

Snow days are lovely, though.  I slept in until about 7:00 and just putzed around the house, slowly coming to consciousness and watching the final, futile flakes (ha!  Alliteration!) make their final journey to the Earth.  The streets are frozen.  The Girl has been sledding, and the Boy is complaining that he has to work on his science fair project (even though he has known about it since late November).  My husband has been emerging from his nest of blankets, pillows, television, and youtube videos long enough to function as an advising engineer to the Boy and his science-fail-project and to refresh his cup of coffee.

Yup, snow day is happening in my world.

And I can’t focus.

Even as I try and write my way through this entry, this is nothing more than a pitiful attempt at getting in my thousand words for the day (we’re at 314).  All right papers, time to grade yourselves because this brain ain’t working.

Yesterday, I was exhausted and sick.  Working out was a chore and grading was an exercise in migraine-esque-misery.  Today, I have no such excuse…just….

Snow. Pretty snow.  And students who are going to want their papers graded (which is fine…the papers were submitted in the last two weeks).  So…I’m grading.

I really am.

All right.  This post is nothing more than an epic fail. So I’m going to stop while I’m ahead and get back to grading.  I didn’t make a thousand, so I might do some more writing later.  Or I might just smash my face into a window.  That might be more productive than my suspended lack of intellect and/or creativity.

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