Worn Down And Re-Awakening

Friday, I had oral surgery, had wisdom teeth removed and other work done.  This was the bookend to my spring break during which I went to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom with the Girl.

Given I spent Tuesday at the park, Wednesday driving, and Thursday sorting out my life before the surgery arrived, I haven’t written much.  Then Friday, I spent an hour with my mouth wide open as the dentist extracted teeth and I dreamed weird dreams (I requested full sedation).  I think I woke up, saw a really weird looking dental instrument.  I’m not fully certain.

Saturday and Sunday were spent on my couch binge-watching Parks and Recreation and finding myself weirdly sympathizing with Gerry and Ron.  I fell in love with frozen peas because they would cup and numb my jaw perfectly and help me stave off the pain killers that prevented me from driving and numbed all of my perceptions.

Today, Monday, I returned to work and kind of wish I had stayed home.  My brain has been swirling mush all day and I just can’t seem to find the bottom part of my feet that keep me standing and not feeling like I’m about to fall over.  I’m absolutely exhausted and miss the feeling of my couch holding me while my dog rests his head on my legs.

I miss being worried about time and soft food, not over other foolishness.

I’m weary and wanting to sleep, wanting to curl up on my side and close my eyes and drift away into some lovely parallel universe in which nothing happens and I get to sleep and sleep and sleep.

And when I awaken, I don’t have to grade.


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