Day 3, Skyland Resort 

I’m laying in a bed right now. 

And it’s amazing. 

Okay, miles hiked:  11

What we saw:  nothing much which is okay. We saw a humane bear trap to catch a nuisance bear and relocate it.

Today was about seeing the impact of 20/20 hindsight. Last year, we avoided Stony Man Mountain because it looked intimidating. Last year we took the Passamaquoddy Trail because it went down whereas the Stony Man Mountain Trail went up. The Passamaquoddy Trail destroyed my feet a year ago. Today, we hiked Stony Man Mountain Trail which was…..


So easy….

A year ago, I arrived at Skyland waddling, my feet hurt so bad. This year, my feet ached, but I walked with my dignity. 

Last night, Owl Singer and I slept on the topmost camp site we could find. I fell asleep by 8, but over the course of the night, rainstorms continued to pass over us. My night’s lullaby was rain hitting the tent rain fly, the leaf canopy. The drumming of rain cascaded me to a deeper sleep and I lived in a quiet and beautiful world of rain and owl songs. 

Today’s hike has been punctuated by a shower, a dinner I didn’t cook or clean, and a lack of concern for bears, leaking tents, or falling branches. 

Tomorrow, I will walk Ridges to Big Meadows. Tomorrow, I will return to my tent. But right now, I’m laying on two fluffy pillows. 

Life is amazing. 

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