Day 7, Loft Mountain Campground 

Miles hiked, at least 17, likely more 

What we saw:  deer, a snake, squirrel 

Yesterday was break day for me. As in, if I was going to break, that would have been it.  

I thought today was going to be break day. We hiked at least seven miles more than yesterday. We summited five mountains (Appalachian mountains which are more like mole hills when compared to the Rockys or the alps.  But my mountains are still classified as mountains on my map.)

My ankles and feet are throbbing. I am not going to lie, this is hard pain. But child birth and/or an infected tooth pain are far worse. I will survive. 

I am a solid 30 miles past last year’s quitting point. And I am thankful and proud. As I slogged up each hill today, I prayed. I chanted songs in time with my breathing. I recited the states. 

I thought. 

I thought about what it means to be me and all that this can imply for the world. I have meditated on my decisions and regret and exalt in so many. 

I contemplated the next part of my life, as my son prepares to graduate in two years and my daughter transitions into high school. 

I spent a lot of time observing the beautiful relationship between Owl Singer and her oldest son.  They walk in perfect concert with one another. They slide from humor to serious topics to amiable silence without effort. 

I sometimes think I have that relationship with my children. Recently, I’m just not certain. 

I am on the Trail though which means the lists of regrets and proud moments can seem imbalanced and definitely skewed. 

A bird is singing in the tree above my tent. The rain falls in small spurts and I am here. 

I am ready to sleep, “perchance to dream?”  

Today, I feel very Hamlet-Esque. I might question everything, but I am strong enough to sojourn forth. 

Seven miles tomorrow along ridges…easy. 

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